Who we are

In "who we are" you usually learn things about companies and business stories. But we are Marigianna and Despina who have grown up surrounded by sweets and a lot of delicacies as our family has over 50 years of history in confectionery.
So, wanting to share our sweet experiences, combining tradition and today's technology, we thought of creating the tourta.gr , έναν ιστοχώρο αφιερωμένο σε γλυκιές απολαύσεις που δεν είναι τυποποιημένες. Μικροί, μεγάλοι, ερωτευμένοι, λιχούδηδες κ.ο.κ. μπορούν να διαλέξουν από πολλά είδη τούρτας ή ακόμα καλύτερα να δημιουργήσουν την δική τους προσωπική εμπειρία γεύσης και μοναδικής εμφάνισης!
Using the freshest and purest ingredients we create the cake of your wedding or the baptism of your child but also the treats that you will offer to your guests a few hours before your event.
Your order is delivered either at your place or in one of the stores of our dad, Dimitris Nikolidakis.

★ L. Knossou 121 || 2810 212020
★ Peza || 2810 743804
★ L. Minoos 97 & Therisou || 2810 372751
★ L. Ikarou 61, N. Alikarnassos || 2810 390115
★ L. Kalokairinou 159 || 2810 285668
★ Foinikos 20 & Atlantidos Gonia, Mastampas || 2810 256642